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Yuko Adachi

Watercolor and mixed media on paper, "ETERNAL PURITY"

Watercolor and mixed media on paper, "ETERNAL PURITY"

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Original watercolour and mixed media on paper. 2023

30cm x 30cm (11.8" x 11.8")

Yuko is the purest lightcodes channel. She uses her gift for you to experience the higher realm activation your soul is seeking. Enjoy the divine guiding force of universal creation of sacred geometry showering you with the highest frequency of light and love activating your dormant DNA in order to align to your divine Soul essence, the best version of yourself.

This is one of the original artworks by Yuko Adachi that is waiting to be owned by a divine Soul.


Infinite SELF LOVE and inner child healing activation. Magic happens when you let go of limiting beliefs, pain, shame, trauma and false stories about yourself and start creating more space in your heart and body. To do that, we need to compassionately and gently hold a safe space for ourselves and our body and bravely face our inner trauma. Look at this art and feel how much you are loved and you are held in a gentle loving powerful light. Now allow your buried pain to come to the surface, so you can be a whole again and be there for your pain, and let its energy leave your body through conscious breathing ,grieving and crying through creating the sounds of your soul by accepting what happened, and forgive yourself for not having been there for yourself and forgive others for what you had gone through. Release with gratitude and heal by receiving the healing lightcodes to the area of your body that is transmuting.

On the days you don’t feel uplifted, isolated or simply at loss, look at this art and receive its healing energetic lightcodes activation to bring more SELF LOVE that you deserve. Your spirit will feel deeply relaxed and feel so much love instantly glowing from within. ✨Be kind to your yourself always and you will be navigated to make more aligned action for self love.

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YUKO ADACHI is a gifted multi dimensional Cosmic Ascension Guide, internationally acclaimed visionary artist channel, soul coach, and a shaman psychic-medium healer assisting in your soul alignment divinely guided by her team of Dragon Spirits.


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