I am a Cosmic Ascension Guide. I use my body as a pure extension of the Divine to translate and channel the Cosmic Lightcodes and deliver it through ART and Energy Healing to assist in ascension process of the individual and the Earth.

Welcome to Lightcodes Activation Art, where you effortlessly receive "VISUAL SOUL MEDICINE" to elevate your frequency. These sacred geometry mandalas carry cosmic intentions, guiding you to open to receiving your activation and elevate your frequency through meditation. Surrender to the magic within to heal, activate, and recall who you truly are. Enjoy meditating with the Gifts from the Universe, supporting your healing and soul-aligning journey back home to the unlimited abundance of Oneness.

Let go of resistance
and allow your breath
to touch your Soul

Use this lightcode art
and receive its transmission
to your freedom
to your meditative space

The door to
The Cosmic Oneness

We are all connected
In this one big system of
Eternal Life Cycle of the Universe

I love you and all.

love and light with gratitude,