Yuko holds intimate and small unique retreats and workshops at her beach house (Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica) focusing on integration of spiritual practices and creative activation which amplifies soul healing when combined. Some of the past workshops/retreats includes: "Healing from The Roots", "Mandalas & Crystals", "Origami & Crystals", "Soul Healing and Creativity Activation" and many more. Please scroll down for the current offerings.




"I was lucky enough to join one of Yuko’s healing and art activation retreats and can assuredly say Yuko is a brilliant and powerful medicine. She provided immense support, wisdom, and love- not to mention the physical and spiritual healing I received in such a short amount of time. I’ve gained a new sense of clarity, purpose and direction thanks to Yuko, which is exactly what I came to Nosara seeking. I am so grateful to have been guided to Yuko and would highly recommend her magic to anyone feeling called."

Elana, USA



"The creativity activation art workshop with Yuko was something very special. It was liberating and transformational. She has so much experience as an artist. A blockage has been melted.  I highly recommend her unique approach!"

Lisa, Germany

Upcoming workshops:

"Her presence and creativity unlocked parts of me" 

"I have had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Yuko’s mandala and crystal art activation and it was such an amazing experience! Her presence and creativity unlocked parts of me waiting to  explode onto paper and I am grateful for her amazing tools and space to allow for such a magical day. I can’t wait to create my inner workings with her again. Thank you so much."

Lauren, New Zealand

Origami & Crystals Entry Level II (Beginner's Class)

Every WEDNESDAYS, April 17th, 2024 through June 19th, 2024 (10 classes of 90 minutes); 16:00-17:30

@ Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica

Important: If your child has not taken the Entry Level I class with Yuko, please consult with her before you register for this ENTRY Level II class.

This class is for children age 8-12 who have completed the beginner's LEVEL I class or have an equivalent skill for origami creation. This first part of the class (about 20-25 minutes) is intended to teach children the tool to relax and to educate them that there is cosmic energy they can connect to through grounding, rooting and centering.

We start by connecting to our body through light movements followed by clearing energy with a crystal wand.

Past workshops: