I am a Cosmic Ascension Guide. I use my body as a pure extension of the Divine to translate and channel the Cosmic Lightcodes and deliver it through ART, so you can use it as a TOOL to facilitate connecting to the Universal Oneness.


"Having Yuko's work around you will cause you to get activated by the lines and colors and shapes she uses, and it will create harmony within, and an awakening to a deep connection inside of you, to the great source of which we all come from."

by Debra Lemaire, Celestial Historian, Channel


Welcome to The Lightcodes Activation Art, where you effortlessly receive "VISUAL SOUL MEDICINE" through your eyes to elevate your frequency as your eyes are connected to your nervous systems and brain to affect your internal system which creates your external reality. These sacred geometry mandalas carry cosmic intentions, guiding you to align with your higher calling as you practice meditating with it daily. Just having this super high frequency art in your living environment aids in uplifting your energy.

Enjoy meditating with the Gifts from the Universe, supporting your healing and soul-aligning journey back home to the unlimited abundance of Oneness.


The Gateway To The Cosmic Oneness

Let go of resistance
and allow your breath
to touch your Soul,

Use this Lightcode DNA Activation Art
to receive its transmission
through your EYES and your energy BODY
to your freedom.

We are all connected
in this one big system of
Eternal Life Cycle of the Universal Abundance.

I love you and all.

Love and light with gratitude,




I received a message from the Divine to create a lightcode activation art to protect the homes of people living on Earth 4 years ago. I am so happy that I can finally present this to you since mid 2023. After I created the art, the message I received was that the highest protection shield you can have is not just passively having thus art at your home but you need to WORK on activating your inner strength and inner light. You can only protect your home when your personal power and sovereignty are activated. Let your inner authenticity radiate in full light to protect your home effortlessly as you raise your frequency. Receive the code and meditate.


Manifestation and Soul Alignment Activation to support your intended path! Archangel Metatron is a very powerful connector between the divine and humanity and a scribe of Akashic records guiding you towards transformation and spiritual growth through his medicine of profound healing and wisdom. His energy is aligned to the sacred geometry, the interconnectedness of all creations, and Metatron’s cube is here to support your profound spiritual transformation navigating your life with greater purpose in wisdom filled alignment.


Intuition and Abundance Flow Activation. We are all born with the psychic power. It is not only for the psychics and mystics that we were made to believe. No more. You have it too. Remember to honour your inner guidance and start listening and trusting your intuition, your bodily sensations and what your third eye sees beyond the physical reality. Trust how you feel energetically. Connect to your body and visualise your third eye opening as you accept your power and open all the unlimited possibilities coming to your way for your personal growth in all forms.The more you can see and feel the energy, the more you will start leaning to truth to express your authenticity as we are naturally born to align to the purity of sacred Source.


There is nothing additional you need to do to create MAGIC as YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE except for activating unlimited self belief and self trust to ignite the power of MAGIC we are born with and carry within our DNA. Remember that every one of us is MAGIC. Breathe in this expansive energy of unlimited flow of bursting magical energy and feel its code igniting your galactic connection to MAGICAL abundance. You are unique and special. Your presence is very much celebrated by the Universe. Thank you for being you and thank you for being here on Earth to make MAGIC a part of our being and every day life. Though our awakening and integration and embodiment we are rising together.


Infinite SELF LOVE and inner child healing activation. Magic happens when you let go of limiting beliefs, pain, shame, trauma and false stories about yourself and start creating more space in your heart and body. To do that, we need to compassionately and gently hold a safe space for ourselves and our body and bravely face our inner trauma. Look at this art and feel how much you are loved and you are held in a gentle loving powerful light. Now allow your buried pain to come to the surface, so you can be a whole again and be there for your pain, and let its energy leave your body through conscious breathing ,grieving and crying through creating the sounds of your soul by accepting what happened, and forgive yourself for not having been there for yourself and forgive others for what you had gone through. Release with gratitude and heal by receiving the healing lightcodes to the area of your body that is transmuting.

On the days you don’t feel uplifted, isolated or simply at loss, look at this art and receive its healing energetic lightcodes activation to bring more SELF LOVE that you deserve. Your spirit will feel deeply relaxed and feel so much love instantly glowing from within. ✨Be kind to your yourself always and you will be navigated to make more aligned action for self love.


Activation of Inner light expansion and transmution to the highest frequency. Connect with the light within your spirit.The Solstice energy is opening up our energy portal to the unlimited celestial consciousness and the seed of life is the reminder of the divine creation within our system.What doesn’t resonate simply has NO room to stay any more. NO is No. It has to go and transmute back to the higher light. Stay pure and strong. Trust your calling and journey. Breathe in this lightcode from the central sun to amplify the power of light radiating from your core and upgrade the frequency. Notice any heaviness and blockages in your body where it needs your attention to bring more healing through self love ,acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, release and gratitude and infuse that area with light.


Are you ready for brining more Magic for 2024 and shifting your energy to the highest dream realization state? Activate your ability to dream big like a child again and envision it and feel its energetic experience with clarity. All your dreams are here to be realized. It is easy to forget the POWER of DREAMING about what you desire and what you want for yourself! This code allow you LET GO OF ALL THE PROGRAMING of LIMITED THOUGHTS !
This activation is instant! Let’s go!!

The Sacral Chakra Empowerment

Strengthen your inner power of joy , creativity, pleasure and sexuality and core energy to trust yourself to feel good being you the sacral chakra activation. Allow yourself openly receive unlimited pleasure and joy in a creative abundant flow to enrich your experience in all forms of life including money, love, joy and every magical energy that the Universe has to offer.

I am perfect as I am.

I am free.

I am safe.

I am joy.

I am powerful and beautiful.

I am the creator of my Universe.

I am abundance in the infinite flow.

My creativity flows through me.

Money is infinitely flowing to my way.


Close your eyes and at the core of your soul, you know that our souls are connected to all the multi dimensional existence of the Universe. Your body is a conduit to the infinite multi dimensional energies and there are no limits and blockages to understand that we are all one Comic consciousness. Your soul carries all the information of infinite truth and while we are here as a human being, you are always guided by your spirit animals and your spirit guides. Your journey is a part of the nature of life and you are alway supported by all there is. Trust and surrender to the wealth of wisdom, support, nourishment, empowerment and healing power of Mother Gaia. Hear the highest truth of your soul and allow the personal power in a complete balance with the Cosmic perfection. Call into all your ancestors, Creator, Great spirt, Father, Mother and Divine. There is nothing to worry about. You are here to only live fully in your full presence with harmony with yourself and the world around you. Aho.

Q & A

Frequent asked question of HOW LIGTCODES ACTIVATION ASSIST YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH and here are the answers:

  1. DNA Activation: Lightcode Activation Art has the potential to activate dormant strands of DNA, unlocking higher levels of consciousness and facilitating spiritual evolution. Through interaction with the powerful energies emitted by these artworks, individuals may experience shifts in their DNA structure, leading to enhanced intuition, expanded awareness, and a deeper connection to the divine.
  2. Sacred Symbols: Lightcode Activation Art features sacred symbols and geometric patterns that resonate with universal energies, helping to attune your energy field to higher frequencies.
  3. Color Therapy: Vibrant colors used in Lightcode Activation Art have been carefully selected to stimulate specific energy centers (chakras) within the body, promoting balance and harmony.
  4. Frequency Alignment: Each piece of Lightcode Activation Art emits specific energy frequencies that align with your body's natural energy field, facilitating energetic balance and vitality.
  5. Intention Setting: Before creating Lightcode Activation Art, Yuko sets intentions for the artwork to serve as a conduit for healing, transformation, and spiritual growth, infusing each piece with powerful energy.
  6. Visual Meditation: Engaging with Lightcode Activation Art during meditation provides a focal point for your practice, helping to quiet the mind and deepen your connection to higher states of consciousness.
  7. Subconscious Reprogramming: The symbols and colors used in Lightcode Activation Art can bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious, facilitating energetic shifts and personal transformation.
  8. Energy Amplification: Lightcode Activation Art acts as an amplifier for your intentions and manifestations, magnifying the energy you put into your meditation practice and daily life.
  9. Aura Cleansing: By surrounding yourself with the energy of Lightcode Activation Art, you can cleanse and purify your auric field, releasing stagnant energy and inviting in fresh, revitalizing vibrations.
  10. Manifestation Catalyst: Through regular meditation with Lightcode Activation Art, you can raise your energetic vibration and align more closely with your desires, accelerating the manifestation process in your life.
  11. Spiritual Connection: Ultimately, Lightcode Activation Art serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, helping you tap into your innate wisdom, connect with higher guidance, and experience profound spiritual awakening.