You have two choices:

1) Personal DNA Lightcodes Activation Art

This is a powerful "advanced" tool for awakened souls on a conscious ascension path to connect with your inner truth through a "PERSONAL DNA ACTIVATION LIGHTCODES ACTIVATION/ YOUR SOUL MEDICINE ART" to connect to your physical body. Yuko channels your highersel to access the lightcodes of your intended activation. Just by looking at it and meditating with it,  it will open up your energetic field through a daily practice. 

This personal DNA lightrxode activation  facilitates to activate your DNA, soul wisdom and align with your soul essence.

You can upgrade it to a 1:1 mentorship, learn to access your innate Magic and gifts, empowering you to embrace your personal power and spiritual freedom.

2) Personal Soulscape Art

If you could only see and feel the presence of your soul energy vibration through colours, lines, shapes that give you a visual platform to connect to the sense of energetic oneness with your body, mind and soul, how lovely and healing would it be! You can request a one of a kind custom hand painted intuitive channeled art infused with lightcode activation just for you created by me, Yuko.