Divine Crystalline Empowerment Healing

Experience the Combination of Shamanic and Crystalline Healing.

Enjoy a profound energetic shift as shamanic and crystal powers combine in high-frequency channels. Yuko focuses on the divine crystalline healing energy, carefully and strategically selecting Crystal Medicinal Energy to effectively work on your chakras, feet, and hands. This energetic transformative journey could bring the life-changing shift your soul seeks.


"Yuko called in so much positive and clear  energy during our session that I felt like being in a container of care, peace and light. Yuko has a wide repertoire of healing arts that she draws upon them during the whole process, pulling in whatever is needed. I also felt energized and at peace with myself. I’m deeply grateful for this experience and curious how it will continue to unfold."

Bettina, Germany

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Option 1: Transformative Physical, Mental and emotional Support

(Minimum of 3-4 sessions recommended especially for PHYSICAL PAIN but it alll depends on the client's  respponse; There was a case when physical neck and back pain was gone in one session. In another case cancer pain was significantly reduced in 12  sessions along with cutting some heavy duty medications by 2/3 and being able to walk again... response is case by case, no promises nor guarantees are made). 

Through this crystalline and shamanic healing transmission, we bring forward deep relaxation and healing through the personalised Crystal Medicine and it's crystalline life force healing energy in order to get relief, especially from stress, stagnant energy, anxiety, fear, anger, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, burn out, emotional overload, nervousness and physical symptoms, such as pain, indigestion, headache, recovering from illness, etc. We can also target the areas in which you need energetic support.

My speciality is trauma healing, however, remember, energy healing is just like any therapy. It is a layered work. With energy healing work, I make sure that we get your body taken care first as you need to replenish much energy of light before we shock your energetic system. Your foundation is important. We can look into the area of energetic support your each chakra is needing for the trauma healing if that is your intention.

Option 2: Transformative Spiritual Support

(Only recommended if you had worked on your trauma healing first)

​Bring in the high frequency healing crystals to support your spiritual growth intention and expansion by receiving more gifts in the energetic area, such as abundance, consciousness, awareness, boosting intuition, integrating soul level peace, divine masculine and feminine energy, aura cleansing, aura protection and healing.

  • 1) Up to 20 minutes consultation

  • 2) Up to 90 minutes energy healing transmission work

    • Guided meditation
    • Crystal Healing ​(Personalized Crystal layout prepared  in advance with the maximum use of strategically and intuitively, chosen healing crystals.)

    What are listed below are used when NEEDED and CALLED FOR. So not all are used. It depends on what is necessary .

    • Reiki
    • Sound Healing
    • Tuning fork 
    • Energy clearing 
    • Crystal cord cutting when needed and detected.
    • Divinely guided channeled message.
    • Shamanic energy clearing
    •  Shamanic chanting
    •  Lightlanguage channeling and healing transmission
  • 3) Enjoy up to 30 minutes energy transmission after the healing session.

Remote session available -popular option-

Conveniently schedule a remote healing session from the comfort of your home, which is equally powerful and transformative as in-person. The energies and realms Yuko work with are not bound to the physical dimension nor location.