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Yuko Adachi

January 17th -March 20th, 2024: Origami and Crystals Entry Level II

January 17th -March 20th, 2024: Origami and Crystals Entry Level II

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@ Casa Pura Vida Magic, Playa Pelada, Nosara, Costa Rica

Every WEDNESDAYS, January 17th, 2024 through March 20 th, 2024 (90 minutes, 10 classes); 16:00-17:30

Small intimate group setting. Limited to 5 children. 


-If your child has not taken the Entry Level I class with Yuko, please consult with her before you register for this ENTRY Level II class.

THE FIRST PART(25 minutes) Spiritual practice:

-Students continue to get familiarised themselves with a concept of the Chakra System.

-Learn how to clear energy with selenite stick.

-Connecting to our body through grounding, centering and rooting guided meditation. 

-Get introduced to different types of healing crystals to be used during the guided meditation and breath work.

-We play games to open up our intuition. 

THE SECOND PART (65 minutes), origami creation:

Then we move into the main focus of this class, which is ORIGAMI creation. In every class, students are introduced to a few new origami work. In the previous course, we mastered one new origami and repeated what has been taught throughout the course during each class. In this course, we will cover between 1 to 3 origami work depending on the focus of the class and the level of the origami. The aim is to learn by heart what has been taught during the semester and develop the skills through practice and master the craftsmanship and memorise through repetition. It is my wish that each student can be an origami teacher once they leave the class. Focusing  and relaxing through paying attention to the breathwork is also taught. 


-ALl the healing crystals are provided.

-Origami paper and other necessary art materials are provided.


-Water bottle

-A small bag to take origami creation home


-Please arrive 5 minutes before the class.

-Inform Yuko if your child is not attending the class and your travel plans prior to the next class starts if you already know.

-Any skipped classes are not refunded.

-If the class is cancelled for some reason from my side, a make up class will be rescheduled.

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YUKO ADACHI is a gifted multi dimensional Cosmic Ascension Guide, internationally acclaimed visionary artist channel, soul coach, and a shaman psychic-medium healer assisting in your soul alignment divinely guided by her team of Dragon Spirits.


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