Begin Your Spiritual Journey with an Initial Soul Guidance Consultation

You are in the sacred safe space with Yuko. This is an intuitive soul guidance where you "gift" yourself with an opportunity of introspection journey of your soul scape to heighten your self awareness by articulating with words that resonate with you. The spoken language becomes your powerful medicine when you have an intention to be "vulnerable" in oder to heal by choosing to expand instead of contract.

You can only open up to the magic of healing when you say to yourself that you deserve it because YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

If you are ready to accept all your fear and pain or feel guided to open up to your full potentials by letting go of your old ways to welcome the new higher frequency that you desire, this is for you.

Yuko will give you an intuitive guidance that assists you in the path of greater alignment. She will also touch upon what energetic healings would be beneficial for you at this time to support your intention of your spiritual expansion and alignment journey.

If you truly desire to CHANGE your life to be in abundance in every aspects of blessings that you deserve and be in the flow of creation, you need to do the inner work and heal yourself.

Healing is a choice and happiness is in your own hands with your own responsibility.

You are the healer and I am here to give you energetic support, guidance and show you your true power that has been alway in you and waiting to be acknowledged and accepted by you. Ding Ding.

Remote session only via live voice call.

WHAT IS "A Deep Dive Spiritual Soulscape Mapping" offer about?

If you are seeking the wealth of information rooted to your trauma and desiring an intuitive guidance, this is for you. In this deeper dive spiritual soul chat guidance,Yuko will guide you to bring more self-awareness and shifting perspective for you to tap into your potentials. You will receive intuitively guided personalised questionnaires beforehand which Yuko created for you. After you submitted your questionnaires, Yuko will meet up with you via live video chat for 60 minutes.

Please locate at least three days to answer this questionnaire. Yuko needs 5 working days to process your sharing before the live soul chat.

This deep-dive spiritual soul-scape mapping journey aims to provide a personal soul growth guidance. Even if you don't undergo Yuko's follow up energy healing sessions or sign up for a customised mentorship, it offers a roadmap for understanding yourself better and approaching life with ease and self love from a higher perspective to continue your spiritual expansion journey ahead. Yuko will also share about which chakras are needing your attention to be in balance and what type of shamanic offerings would benefit your deeper healing process on a soul level that is calling in this present moment.

SOUL CLIENT LOVE: "I’ll be forever grateful for Yuko... 

...for setting me on a new trajectory in my life. Her ability to provide undivided attention and dedication to your personal healing journey sets her apart from anyone I’ve ever seeked help or counseling from before. 

She is also a lightcode channel and enabled communication between me and my mother who passed eleven years ago.

She has helped me integrate new habits and thought patterns that I know will truly serve me the rest of my life. I urge anyone who is seeking any type of healing to consider working with her as I know you won’t regret it."

Kristen, USA