What makes this so special and unique is that it is NOT just a shamanic journey but it is carefully thought through to support your integration process in one session.

The real deal of SOUL LEVEL HEALING that stems back to the beginning of human history that its sacred powerful healing medicine is the one that serves restoring your soul essence. On top of it, Yuko further amplifies your transmutation with the crystalline medicine. RECLAIM SOVEREIGNTY and FULL CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR OWN LIFE.



"It was a rebirth of my soul...Yuko is a very pure channel and she is very connected to her guides, they are a luminous team, I could feel it."

Pia, Argentina

  • Soul retrieval

    Ready for the 21 days of integration to welcome back the fragment of your soul aspect that you had lost due to physical or metal trauma? Feel whole, vitalised and balanced again by having Yuko retrieve soul fragments that have "split off" and left you through traumatic experiences. As the soul part left your body to protect you from the intensity of the trauma, it also took a part of your power away. When you are ready, we will journey together to go get the part of your soul that belongs to you.

  • Psychic Surgery

    We are energy. The trapped traumatic emotion can develop and manifest into a physical discomfort or physical unwellness where you can feel the blocked energy inside of your body. Yuko will guide you through the shamanic healing to release the blockage and transmute it to the highest light, so you will be free from the physical heaviness that you had in your body. This is an experienced reality where you can feel your transformation in your physical and spiritual body.

  • Gaia Healing

    Receive the blessing of Mother Earth, Gaia flow through your body to get all the healings from 4 kingdoms: the mineral, animal, water and plants. Or from 4 elements: water, fire, wind and earth.

    If you feel physically weakened or if you feel there is a trace of dark energy that needs to be cleansed and washed away, this healing will give you a sense of boosted energy. Yuko becomes a conduit between you and Gaia to deliver the highest potent healing energy from each kingdom to replenish and heal your physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic body. It is a beautiful and powerful healing when you allow to surrender to the magic of what Gaia has to offer for your highest good.

  • Ancestral Healing

    What has been carried over generations is running in your system and there is a way to terminate the cycle of traumatic energy that does not belong to you. This way you will free yourself from repeating unwanted patterns from your ancestors and regain your own strength and clarity to cultivate your path with a greater alignment.

  • Cord Cutting

    Yuko loves this so much as this is truly powerful work that you can feel the difference immediately just like with other shamanic works. You can CUT the cords with those whom you feel that your power is being taken away, feel you are being controlled or simply you feel your energy is contracting or depleting just at the thought of them. Yuko traces the cord to the higher self of the one whom you want to cut the cord with. She will become a medium and will channel the messages of that person and amicably but the cords to terminate the soul contract in a sacred proper way. Normally it requires that she needs to heal the both parties and you can cut the cords with someone who has crossed over (passed away.) This is a very beautiful and powerful conscious closure to a chapter of your life that no longer serves you. Thank you and bye-bye .

Remote and in person sessions available

Come to Nosara, Costa Rica and have a personal 1:1 healing session with Yuko or conveniently schedule a remote healing session, which is equally powerful and transformative. The energies and dimensions Yuko work with are not bound to the physical dimension nor location.

Not sure if you are ready for Healing ALCHEMY 1:1 Mentorship?

Please book a 80 minutes live call INITIAL CONSULTATION with Yuko in order to get valuable guidence and insights:

If you are feeling lost in your spiritual journey, book this intuitive spiritual guidance in order to get assistance in your spiritual awakening process, self-awareness development and embodying soul empowerment to align to your soul truth.

You will find out where you are at in your spiritual journey and Yuko will give you an intuitive guidance and discuss what healings would be most beneficial to you at this time on your spiritual expansion and alignment journey.