1:1 Soul Alignment Mentorship

Let go of your old self and transmute into who you truly are.

Embark on a transformative journey where you receive intuitive guidance to align your decision-making, thoughts, and actions with your highest good. Release fears in a safe space, boosting confidence and self-love. Establish a spiritual practice for a connected, aligned life, activating your potentials to become your own guide. Walk away with clarity, peace, and the ability to attract what you desire.

This is a  supportive and transformational container for seekers who want to make a POSITIVE change in their lives.  Whether you are an advanced spiritual practitioner or just walking into it,  I welcome you to deepen the connection to what aligns in your soul path. I am here to hold a safe space for your self discovery, healing and growth journey. A spiritual mentorship and guidance to deepen your understanding about who you are becoming and how to heal what is needed to keep walking your path with joy and abundance you are here to receive and create. 

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About Soul Alignment Mentorship

Through our sessions, I bring in intuitive spiritual guidance and wisdom to support you create a spiritually aligned life decision making, thought process and actions for your highest good by providing a safe space to release all the FEARS that are no longer serving you as we progress in our container,  so that you can walk away feeling more confident with growing self love and attracting more of what you want into your life. Here we focus on creating a habit of bringing in a spiritual practice into your life and daily routine to get your feet off the ground to start a life connected to your higherself to be in alignment and activate your potentials to be your own guide by finding your clarity and solution that your soul desire to come into peace with yourself. 

"Beyond grateful for your existence in this crazy world"

"You radiate and emanate such pure white light. I am beyond grateful for your existence in this crazy world and for the soul shifting impact you had on me. You are the bestestest."

Christine, L.A., USA