Dragon Spirits Magic

Divinely Guided Channeled Dragon Spirits Energy Clearance and Protection Transmission

No initial soul guidance necessary (skip STEP 1).and jump into this bundle session offer. This is a powerful shamanic session for taking caring of urgent need for boosting your energy, clearing blockages and anxiety, strengthening your aura and bringing in the powerful support of Dragon spirits to work for your highest good. No planet medicine used. Not offered as a regular session. Recommended to take a 3 months break before the next one.

Surrender to the power of DRAGON MAGIC.

This is powerful, the most mystical, and magical channeled healing energy transmission that Yuko offers. If you are in need of an urgent energy clearing, energy boost and energy protection, this healing is also appropriate as the effect is immediate. Yuko serves as a clear channel through which the DRAGON SPIRITS do their magic and healing. You will also receive soul aligning and supportive messages from the Dragons to assist in your soul awakening journey. It is pretty out here...Hahaha.


Relax. Rebalance. Realign. Reboost. Reenergize. Reclaim.

The Dragon Spirits Magic brings in Chi flow to your chakras, clears heaviness and supports you with  much needed love energy to be in alignment to protect your energy. After a healing session you may feel more grounded, peaceful, lighter and bursting feelings of joy and happiness. A sense of deep knowing and stillness is evoked. The newfound powerful energy flow will support you on your Soul healing and self empowerment journey.

"The Dragon Spirits Magic session was miraculous!"

"Most of my life (50 years! ) has been filled with self-doubt, self sabotaging, thoughts and actions, deep seated hurts that turned to blockages and feelings of heaviness in certain areas of my body. What I experienced directly (and it continues) after the session was a feeling of pure energy flow through my body, feeling so much clearer, lighter than I had really ever experienced. Along with that came new feelings of confidence, and nearly no self-doubt. 

Such an incredible feeling to feel for the 1st time.


Kitty, Lake Chelan, WA

Remote session only even if you can see me in person

Dragon Spirits Energy Clearing and Protection Transmission

Let the DRAGON spirit guide you and support you. No matter where you are, this is always a remote session and we meet online. I go into a trance state without any plant medicine and work in the field of energy beyond time and space. 

The Dragon Spirit Magic is simply magical.

This is  a potent, mystical, and magical energy transmission uniquely channeled by Yuko where you get the full support and Mahic from the Dragon Spirits. The Dragons will be in your field to support you. This is also a great opportunity for the Dragon Spirits lovers to feel their presence and experience the Magic directly.

If you're seeking urgent energy clearing, energy boost, receive wisdom and protection, this healing is tailored for you. Yuko acts as a clear channel for the DRAGON SPIRITS, facilitating magical healing and delivering practical and soul aligning messages from the Dragons.

Dragon Spirits Magic initiates Chi flow to your chakras, dispelling heaviness and infusing crucial love energy, ensuring alignment and energy protection. Post-healing, you may feel grounded, peaceful, lighter, and filled with joy. A profound sense of knowing and stillness emerges. This newfound energy supports your Soul healing and self-empowerment journey.

Conveniently schedule a remote dragon healing session from the comfort of your home. The energies, spirits and dimensions Yuko work with / in are not bound to the physical dimension nor location.

Yuko requires 5 working days to prepare for this sessions, provided your intentions are clear.

The total time is about 3 hours for one session that you will be engaging with me. All the hours and labor that are put into behind the scene is more than what one can imagine. Yuko requires several days to prepare for the session by channeling the crystals for your needs and charging and clearing each crystal on top of clearing and protecting the space. A meticulous professional detail for prep work contributes to the top level successful and safe shamanic and crystal energy healing transmission that Yuko delivers each time. 

Initial consultation for the Dragon spirit is up to 20 minutes via phone call. 

Energy Transmission chat after the session is about 30 minutes.

Actual Dragon Spirit Magic session is up to 2 hours long.

Please submit the followings prior to the session:

- face shot (selfie) and full body photograph of yourself from today

- your full name

- your birthday

- e-mail address

- why do you need this service

- your intention

Yuko goes into a trance state and work in the energy field beyond time and space. The physical distance doesn't matter in the energy transmission. Conveniently schedule a remote Dragon Spirits Healing session from the comfort of your home.

Book a session only if you are ready to surrender to the power of divine MAGIC.

Yuko requires 5 working days to prepare for this sessions, provided your intentions are clear.