We all carry trauma. And we can alchemize it to the highest form of light. This is the ultimate one of a kind personalized profound trauma healing and energy ascension program especially customized for the needs of each soul client. Ideal for a deep diver who is ready to commit and integrate shadows and transmute it to make a life changing energetic shift within that you have been longing for to shine in your authenticity.

This container is especially customized and carefully tailored to your personal spiritual healing, personal power alignment and embodiment journey. This is Yuko's ultimate healing offering assisting and empowering your healing journey while raising your frequency. It is a powerful divinely guided energy healing work including shamanic work, crystalline healing work and channeled soul chats that span over a few months.

It is your birthright to be happy for being who you truly are, to be healthy, and to receive all the abundance that that the Universe has to offer.

This mentorship is for "Deep Divers" who are seriously interested in working on "shadow work integration". You have to be ready to make a commitment and investment in deep healing.


"With genuine sincerity I can say there is no particular service that outweighs the others - everything within this program is impeccably balanced. In a nutshell, if you are aching to hit a soul "reset" button, this program is the way."

Christine, L.A., USA

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Initial Consultation

Book a 60 minutes special offer live call INITIAL CONSULTATION

If you are feeling lost in your spiritual journey, book this intuitive spiritual guidance in order to get assistance in your spiritual awaking process, self-awareness development and embodying soul empowerment to align to your soul truth.

You will find out where you are at in your spiritual journey and you will also receive an intuitive guidance to understand what healings would be most beneficial to you at this time for your spiritual expansion and alignment journey.



Yuko is a powerful and genuine psychic/spiritual channel solely tuning into the highest of the high vibrations/fequencies/energies. Instead of oracle cards, she will do the reading using crystals to guide you. Read some of the authentic testimonials for you to rest assured that you have found a real psychic channeler for your soul healing and spiritual expansion.


"Yuko is a truly gifted psychic and healer. I have worked with very accomplished and known psychics in New York and New Jersey in the past and felt that Yuko's work was at the highest level. I would recommend Yuko's work as a psychic and healer to anyone who needs clarity and/or guidance withlife challenges."

Rachel B, NJ, USA


Would you like to know what your life lessons and your soul purpose are? We all carry information from our past and current lives in our soul. This information can be accessed through the Akashic Records. Yuko can find out what your soul wants you to know in order to activate your soul gifts. This will also help you understand your life lesson in this life time so that you can navigate your present life with ease and joy. Support your soul path and soul mission by receiving insights that will put you back on track with your true north and facilitate any healing process.  


"Yuko is a highly fine tuned channel for Akashic information. She is on point, brings the messages in an extremely compassionate, empathetic way with healing guidance and suggestions for the soul."

Debra, Spain

"Yuko's assistance around a repeating pattern that I have been experiencing was so beautiful and helpful. The reading was insightful and Yuko was very caring and supportive. I'm very grateful for Yuko and her amazing gifts."

Lisa, Energy Healer and Psychic, New York, USA


This is only offered as a part of Alchemy Mentorship

Yuko will deliver the visualised image of what she receives for your 7 chakras and its energetic underlying messages, so you get an idea of what is happening to your energetic centers which will allow you to understand your overall soul wellness.


"Yuko shared what she had seen and written during my session and I felt like she was spot on. She read my energy like a book. She has an incredible gift in which she works with the purest intentions. Yuko is truly a remarkable divine being."

Khala, Colorado, USA