Art channeled from Divinity

Artworks are only as powerful and transformational as their creator. Yuko channels the highest frequency of light energy. She serves humanity as a pure vessel allowing Divinity to be manifested through her in form of visual art.

Yuko`s Background


Yuko Adachi was born in Tokyo, Japan. As a child and teenager she was brought up in New York, Paris and London, exposing her to a variety of cultures. This had undeniably a major impact on her multi-cultural character and world-view. She currently lives in Nosara, Costa Rica, a wellness centric beach community on the pacific coast together with her Swiss artist husband Andreas Gmür and their two children. The family runs three 5-star rated Airbnb studios at their beach property, surrounded by tropical jungle gardens. Come. Stay. Heal. Experience Pura Vida Magic.


Yuko graduated from Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan) with a bachelors degree in French Literature. While attending Sophia University, Yuko attended an exchange year at George Town University (Washington DC, USA).

She also holds a bachelors degree in fine arts from The Art Institute of Boston (now Lesley University, Boston, USA). While attending The Art Institute of Boston, Yuko attended special classes at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, USA) as well as at the Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, USA)

Professional - Exhibits


2019 "Liebes Leben", Bibliothek  Steinhausen, Zug, Switzerland

2011 "Celebration of NOW", Albright Gallery, Concord, MA, USA

2008 "Burst of Colors", Urban Living Studio, Boston, MA ,USA

2007 "Expression; The state of being", Keiko Gallery, Boston MA, USA

2006 "Dance in the bloom", ILEX, Boston, MA, USA

2004 "Messages", Berman Gallery, Watertown, MA, USA

2001 "Healing Art", MIT Kresage Auditorium, Cambridge, MA, USA


2009 "1+1", New England Bio Labs, Ipswich, MA, USA

2008 "Inside Out", Baak Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2006 Red river Trading Company, Boston, MA, USA

2001 "Awakening of the soul", Upstairs at Johnson Gallery, Boston, MA, USA


2016 "Kunst Supermarkt", Solothurn, Switzerland

2015 "Front of Bicycle", Galerie Katapult, Basel, Switzerland

2009 "Vivid wonders of startled imagination', MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA, USA

2009 "Three women", Mayor's Art Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2009 "Home is where art is", The Boston conventional and exhibition center, Boston, MA,USA

2008 "Art fair New Blood Art", The light box, London, UNITED KINGDOM

2008 "Flag", Lamarong Gallery, Huhhot, CHINA

2008 "Hit the deck SXSW', Austin , TX, USA

2008 "Hit the deck at WMC", Miami, FL, USA

2008 "Mixed plates plus metal", Venus Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

2008 "Future art 2008", The Mills Gallery at the BCA, Boston MA, USA 

2007 "Vision", Kathryn Shultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005 "Red", University Place Gallery, Lincoln, MA, USA

2005 Bromfield Art Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2005 "Sound of Painting", Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005 "Boston Drawing Project", Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2005 "Cuatro", Mark Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

2005 "Contemporary Paintings", Gallery at City Square, Charleston MA, USA

2005 "18th Annual Drawing Show", The Mills Gallery at the BCA, Boston MA, USA 

2003 "Gift", Mark Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

2003 "Works on paper", South Shore Art Center, Boston, MA, USA

2003 "Individualized", Artspace@16, Malden, MA, USA

2001 "Oppai Art", International Juried Exhibition", Kyoto, JAPAN

2001 "Between Lines", The FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA, USA

1999 "Nikaten", Tokyo, Japan


2009 Best Public Art, South End News Favorite 2009, South End, Boston, MA,

2009 Fellowship Grant, Vermont Art Center(Cancelled for my health reason), VT, USA

2008 Scholarship, Arts &  Business Council Greater Boston, USA 

2007 Best in painting, Healing Power of Art, Manhattan Art International, NY, USA

2007 1st Prize, Vernal Escape, Artscope Magazine, Juror: Britta Konau, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Linda   Lamberston, The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, C.Laferriere, Artscope Writer    

2007 Juror's Choice, "Vision", Juror, Clark Gallery Director, MA, USA

2006 Luminary Pick, The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Juror, Valerie Wilder, Executive director  at Boston Ballet, MA, USA

2006 Fellowship Grant, Vermont Art Center, VT, MA, USA

2005 2nd Prize, "Red", Cambridge Art Association, International Competition, Cambridge, MA, USA, Juror, Nick Capasso at Decordova Museum of Arts

2004 2nd Prize, The 18th Annual Exhibition, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA, USA

2003 Paul Goodnight Artist Grant, Continuing Education Drawing with Pau; Rahile           

1998 Full Scholarship for  exchange students program, The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA                

1998-2001  Dean's List, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, MA, USA

1998-2001  Merit Scholarship, The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, MA, USA

1998 Full Scholarship for  exchange students program, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA


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"Yuko´s art carries a lot of healing light codes and harmonizing properties

Yuko is a clear channel for higher energies. Her art is inspired by higher knowledge and carries a lot of healing light codes and harmonizing properties for those beholding it. She opens herself up to receive the art as it wants to come forward for the people who it's meant to be presented to. You can look at her as a "translator". She opens herself up, as a vessel for spirit/inspiration/energy to flow through, which she then processes inside of her and transforms into gorgeous pieces of art carrying light codes which activate the soul, and that have their healing effect and an unlocking of soul knowledge on the people witnessing it. By working like this, she offers people the opportunity to experience the connection that she experiences when fine tuning herself like a tuning fork, to these higher realms. Giving you the opportunity to create a connection of your own, with these beautiful energies, through her visual art. Having her work around you, will cause you to get activated by the lines and colors and shapes she uses, and it will create harmony within, and an awakening to a deep connection inside of you, to the great source of which we all come from."

By Debra Lemaire, Spiritual Mentor, Celestial Historian, Channel

Master Artist

"Yuko`s stunning mastery of color, shapes, forms and composition combined with her sheer insatiable lust to create art across all imaginable mediums make her nothing short of a Master Artist, a pure genius. She deserves to go down history as one of the most important artists to have ever walked this planet" Andreas Gmür, fellow visionary artist

by Marie-Christine Iacopetta, Art historian

Yuko Adachi has a strong signature style that sets her apart and makes her art recognizable and memorable. Her work pushes the boundaries of contemporary art genres as it successfully encompasses both spiritual and abstract elements. Her aim is to create unique forms of non-representational visual expressions imbued with the vibration of deep-rooted energy. 

The delicate and sensitive, yet distinctive bold organic movements and forms in her art can be traced back to an early childhood Japanese calligraphy training where creativity and sensibility emerge from the calmness of the mind. Working in series, she harmoniously combines a broad and colorful palette with unique free-flowing organic shapes, unfolding her timeless creative imagination that is possible only when being one with the present moment.

Her spiritual and cross-cultural life experiences from young age have been feeding her innate artistic expressions to be manifested on the visual level with authenticity that speaks directly to viewers across all ages and genders, as each artwork is filled with energy of love for life, the universe and fellow human beings.

Although highly subjective and unique, Yuko Adachi’s approach can be related to other spiritually based creative expressions and to some of the most innovative art historical movements.

Indeed, the Buddhist practice of painting mandalas, is not only the expression of a century-old religious world-view but is also a meditative act for the artist. Traditionally mandalas represent the ideal form of the universe. The mandala not only helps the artist to progress into deeper levels of unconsciousness and to experience the oneness with the cosmos, it also helps the viewer to reflect upon his inner state of the moment. Although using a different visual language, Yuko Adachi’s can be compared to this motion. Her paintings are not representational, they are experienced realities, captured emotions.

Charged with symbolic and spiritual meaning, the great pioneers of abstract art Hilma Af Klint and Wassiliy Kandinsky both created works in which the forms and the colours have deeper meanings. Immersed in theosophy and anthroposophy they painted in bright tones, featuring curlicues, spirals, flower shapes, organic elements. Through their art Af Klint and Kandinsky hoped to enlighten others about their environment and the inherent connections between life at the micro and the macro levels, just like how Yuko Adachi is doing with her art. By further pushing and developing these elements, she manages to create dreamy, powerful and immersive works, which invite us to delve into her mystic world and to broaden our vision of ourselves.