Come into your body to celebrate your decision.

Your SOUL guided you here.

Enjoy the Power of Transformative Soul Healing Activation.

It is exciting to gift yourself with a soul nourishing experience that you deserve to come into your greater alignment. Congratulations!

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Yuko Adachi

Mixed media on paper, "THIRD EYE ATTUNEMENT"

Mixed media on paper, "THIRD EYE ATTUNEMENT"

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Original mixed media  on paper. 

30cm x 30cm (11.8" x 11.8")

Yuko is the purest lightcodes channel. She uses her gift for you to experience the higher realm activation your soul is seeking. Enjoy the divine guiding force of universal creation showering you with the highest frequency of light and love activating your dormant DNA in order to align to your divine Soul essence, the best version of yourself.

This is one of the original artworks by Yuko Adachi that is waiting to be owned by a divine Soul.


Intuition and Abundance Flow Activation. We are all born with the psychic power. It is not only for the psychics and mystics that we were made to believe. No more. You have it too. Remember to honour your inner guidance and start listening and trusting your intuition, your bodily sensations and what your third eye sees beyond the physical reality. Trust how you feel energetically. Connect to your body and visualise your third eye opening as you accept your power and open all the unlimited possibilities coming to your way for your personal growth in all forms.The more you can see and feel the energy, the more you will start leaning to truth to express your authenticity as we are naturally born to align to the purity of sacred Source.

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YUKO ADACHI is a gifted multi dimensional Cosmic Ascension Guide, internationally acclaimed visionary artist channel, soul coach, and a shaman psychic-medium healer assisting in your soul alignment divinely guided by her team of Dragon Spirits.


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