I was thinking...

When we are born into this world, no matter what, we will all die sooner or later and we have no control over it. And people seem to forget that...The length of time we each can expect to live is unpredictable. If you think about it, just the simple natural facts of life give us enough to ponder and to suffer.

So why are humans deliberately adding more pain to life by harming other people and their lives? We are not here to waste our time like that!

Mankind has been around on earth for quite a long time...and we can not keep acting like wild beasts ...and we can not be lazy waiting for the world to change while claiming for our individual happiness..! If the peaceful world is what we really want, every human needs to focus on making our souls happy by sharing love and kindness while we live. 'cos time of life is limited thus precious... I believe that it is about an individual effort coming together that makes a good world. This is not an easy task but with a conscious effort, I feel like I see a truly civilized human life and we are here to nurture and advance the spiritual growth within ourselves to realize true happiness.