This is some of the most visually exciting stuff I’ve seen in a while. Keep painting!! I feel totally inspired. - Katherine

Truly worth the drive from Amherst, NH

Yuko, the work is almost spiritual. I think you will evolve it even further over time to become more pure-even higher than the happiness of souls! - Michael Tudewor

You are an inspiration for my “painters block”. -Jim Smith

We loved ‘ Unlocking the Layers’ which shows the depth of human love. - Bhadra & Jainie Patel, London, England U.K.

Very lovely work! Your art philosophy is much like that of Sumi-e painters. Not over thinking the work, delving straight into the creation, and allowing it to ‘just exist’. Bravo! -Casey Shannon

So happy to have seen your work & read your statement of intent. Your work communicates a spiritual depth. Best wishes for your “mission” pursuing art & love+ life. -WLW -London

We met in your show. I was looking at the pictures I took from your paintings, now with more time, and I really like them a lot. The pictures are a little bit blurred, but I see a magical world in there. Your imagination and the way you transport that to your paintings is amazing, I loved all the colors and the mixtures that you use. I can see a lot of stuff there. It inspired me to write. I don't know if I told you, but I also like to write stories for kids, I think that the imagination of a little kid is the best. I don''t know how to say it, but you transmit a lot of great things and feelings with your paintings. Thank you.- Wendy - Mexico