Thank you all for your great sharing and comments! This interaction with the viewers keeps me going and I felt like I want to spread this positive energy to whoever vist this page as well. It could be mostly me:)

You have a very interesting and unique style. It is not conventional and yet expresses everything. The passion in which you paint radiates from your work. -Margarett Tupodi

Wonderful expressive, gorgeous colors. You achieve a complexity yet simplicity within your paintings I can’t describe. -Jessica Yeh

Your work is a testament that we each must reach deeply into ourselves and touch what we find awaiting us… Self, Self-love, Love for Humanity! Much Thanks, Peace. -Zuhaizah·

Yuko, very very important work, your painting, so honest & positive.- Pace Anhrige

Very good work. I love the way she works with bright colors. She makes your eyes as bright as the pictures. Through out-of-body channeling I can walk along the the colors and paths with-in the paintings. I only can ask the Great Spirit to allow me the pleasure to meet this gifted woman.
-Rev.Steve Becsei

You Know what? I've been using your pictures to teach my students the elements of art. I've told them that I met you last summer and that I could feel that you are a very special person, a person that loves life and that you express that in your art with the basic elements. They love your pictures and they have created wonderful abstract images and have had lots of fun.
I'm also reading the power of now...and learning a lot of I am thankful for that -A.S Spain