Can't See it,
Can't Smell It,
Can't Taste It

M&M, Plaster, wire, board,
paper, meat packing labels, plastic bag, bean sprouts

I did this piece to bring awareness to what we are putting into our mouth and into our environment.

A lot of porducts we consume contains so much unhealthy chemicals. We can not see it, can not smell it, and can not taste it.
How dangerous is that?

For instance, there has not been any studies that prove the safety of GM soybeans. Therefore our generation is being used as an experiment. GMO is also affecting the natural environment.

In Europe, the labelling of GMOs (Genetically Manipulated/ Modified Organism) is obligatory, and caution prevails. In Canada and the United States, the labelling of GMOs is optional. Why do you think that is?